Corporate governance is a business process that focuses on ethics and aims to enhance an organization’s wealth. It involves making ethical decisions and conducting business with a commitment to values and meeting stakeholders’ expectations. At Sadhana Phosphates, we prioritize managing our group affairs fairly and transparently to gain and maintain trust.


Our corporate governance is guided by the principles of sustainable growth in shareholders’ value, fairness, and transparency to all stakeholders, including employees, business partners, investors, government, and society. We adhere to government guidelines on corporate governance.

We prioritize and maintain high standards of corporate governance in all aspects of our business. Our corporate governance reflects our values, culture, policies, and relationships with stakeholders. Integrity and transparency are crucial to our governance practices, performance, and the trust we earn and maintain from stakeholders.


SadhanaPhosphates corporate governance framework emphasizes stakeholder engagement and adaptability to changing times. A strong and independent board is essential for upholding corporate governance standards. The Board of Directors plays a vital role in SadhanaPhosphates’ corporate governance practice, ensuring that Management serves and protects the long-term interests of stakeholders.